Company Introduction

Company dedicated to the manufacture of nails for various sectors such as industry, agriculture and construction, as well as articles related to the wire and sharp point, like butcher hooks , barbecue skewers , etc ...


We have extensive experience, since 1977 we've been developing nails in high carbon material and a hardness of 52-54 HRC.


With experience . continuous stamping band starting strip.


Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, fulfilling their expectations of achieving quality timely deliveries. We develop a continuous improvement in the management of our staff in the application of advanced technology. In Meclasa Sant Llorenç Savall , s.l. , we always work to maintain the full loyalty of our customers, so our mission is to be a company that develops in a continuous manner, while meeting the needs of not only our customers but also in a reliable investment quality , accuracy and delivery.


Everyone working in Meclasa Sant Llorenç Savall , s.l. , strive to make to this our home, the provider you need to meet all your requirements and needs.

Meclasa Sant Llorenç Savall, s.l.

Contact Address

C/Granera, 66
Pol. Ind. Les Conques
08212 - Sant Llorenç Savall
(Barcelona) SPAIN